The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences is one of the Locations for Application and Promotion of Examinations (LAPE) of the Center for Evaluation and Portuguese Certification Foreign Language (CAPLE).

CAPLE exams are only intended for foreign citizens, for the purpose of studies, academic career, employment, obtaining Portuguese nationality, etc.

To register, take the following steps:

– access CAPLE’s homepage:

– select the exam you wish to take

– fill in the registration form

– wait a couple of minutes for a validation email and payment references (the examinee bears the costs of the bank transfer)

 The examinee cannot enroll in more than one exam for each season. Check the exams calendar at:

Our LAPE informs the examinee of the time and hour of the oral test.

Grade check:

– insert your candidate code at

when the certificate is issued and sent by CAPLE to LAPE at FCSH, the examinee is contacted by email – you can only pick up the certificate when you get the e-mail from LAPE saying that your certificate is ready.

LAPE at FCSH offers three exam seasons for DEPLE, DIPLE, DAPLE and DUPLE (May, July, November). Certificates are issued approximately within 12 weeks after examination by CAPLE.

The CIPLE-P exams take place every month (except August and December), and are issued about 7 weeks after examination by CAPLE.

Note: CAPLE/FCSH does not provide face-to-face candidate support – any question should be sent by email to